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What are the effects of living in poor housing?

Poor housing is more than a dismal apartment where a company of people lives in the only room. Imagine the same apartment lacking ventilation, with a single window that catches no sunlight. Mold is likely to be the happiest inhabitant in such an apartment. The room with damp and mold is considered to be the poorest housing because it causes respiratory problems immediately.
Houses affected by damp and mold bring no satisfaction to their inhabitants. These are often old wooden houses that cannot stand the test of time without a proper care and thorough renovation. Walls of new apartments, however, can also develop mold if there is a damaged roof or any leaks. Getting rid of mold is extremely difficult; it often requires replacing parts of the walls or ceiling affected with fungi.
The need of renovation is not the only sorrow of people living in poor housing. In most cases, mold-affected rooms cause respiratory conditions and sleep disorders. Elderly people and children are most vulnerable to these fungi.